Macha Morrigan

Irish, Drunk, Soldier Girl.



Agility: 8

Perception: 8

Intellect: 5

Presence: 5

Tenacity: 8

Strength: 5


Expert Language: English: Free

Novice Literacy: Free

Novice Area Knowledge: Free

Master Pilot: Free

Adept Armed Fighting: 3 (Powered Armor)

Adept Marksmen: 3 (Powered Armor)

Adept Support Weapons: 3

Adept Dodge: 3

Adept Thrown: 3

Adept Munitions: 3

Adept Surveillance: 3

Adept Observation: 3

Adept Demolitions: 3

Novice Armorer: 2

Novice Medicine: 2

Novice Stealth: 2

Secondary Attributes

Actions: 2

Vitality: 12

Reflex: 7

Speed: 11mph, 27/6 ypt

Drama Points: 5/10


Virtue: Courageous Flaw: Irreverent

Physical Description

Macha is a slender girl of medium height, standing about 5’7, at around 9 or 10 stone in weight. She has short red hair, constantly being pushed back out of her blue eyes. She dresses sharply in her NEG combat uniform each morning, though by afternoon it’s undoubtedly come untucked, and the coat unbuttoned. She frequently sleeps in her combat boots, not really caring, always ready to go. She is always armed, and carrying a flask at least half full. She’s a playful, irreverent individual, smiling and laughing even through combat.

Macha Morrigan

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