Dream of the Sky

Dream of the Sky Campaign
Intro and concept

This will be a post-apocalyptic (well, technically) sandbox/megadungeon campaign using, of all things, Cthulhutech! The gist of the story is that the Aeon War has been lost, by all factions. The assault by the NEG’s new battleship class succeeded in destroying the Migou hive ship, but not before the vengeful and prideful bugs could lay much waste to the land below as their final vessel fell. The Migou on Earth are scattered, but so are the NEG. Their armada, or so most believe, was destroyed in the attempt. Long range communications are down.

The Plateau of Leng, meanwhile, as well as the Chrysalis Corporation, suffered the final gambit of the Eldritch Society. Desperate to defeat their enemies, they harnessed the power of their Ta’Ge symbiotes in a massive ritual suicide that drove both Nyarlathotep and Hastur from the globe, destroying their avatars and killing many of their monstrous servants. The remainder of the creatures roam the land aimlessly. The Esoteric Order, already struggling against the NEG, was summarily defeated by the NEG Remnant after the battle against the Hive Ship of the Migou, but the extermination was costly. In the final battle, the NEG lost many of its remaining Hull-class battle ships, and though they won, the tools by which they controlled the world are no more. Chicago is a nuclear wasteland, the arcologies have broken into rioting and madness as people discover, past the horror of the war, that they didn’t win, could never win, will never win, and that their government has always lied to them. The world government has ended – all factions are now scattered and divided once again.

But there is hope for humanity, wherever the NEG’s grip was tenuous – out in the country.

In the midst of this conflict, the inhabitants of a fort town that has been hit hard by the crisis have as their only hope and guidance a few young girls, drafted near the end of the war when the NEG was becoming quite desperate, and the fort that belonged to a once proud platoon, now decimated. They have been a month or so without any contact since the “end of the war,” and are the only defense for the people.

The campaign will therefore have a sandboxy/stronghold building feel but in the future. The players will use vehicles to explore the surroundings, claiming resources and training and equipping the locals, keeping the peace, and ruling, hopefully fairly, but up to them how. They can also explore the mysterious fort of theirs on foot, which stretches underground into a laboratory where old but valuable equipment lies, but guarded by experiments and horrors that should have never been seen, and that will make the girls question how good their government and their platoon really was before the end of the Aeon War. Along the way they may fight remnants of each faction – perhaps even former NEG, now looters and bandits in the absence of totalitarian government control. But certainly Migou trying to reconnect with their kind, aliens without masters, and Dagon’s children, ever trying to find Cthulhu and bring an end to the world, even in their increasingly weakening state.

As said before, the idea of a “platoon” of a few girls as the military defense of a town is drawn from the anime “Sora No Woto” (see the wiki fan page), albeit with a darker and edgier interpretation and spin given that this is Cthulhutech.


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