Sora No Woto Fan Section

Sora No Woto is an anime by A-1 Pictures that is shown on TV Tokyo in Japan. It is the story of a small platoon of girls in an isolated fort town based on Cuenca, Spain. It is a rather cute anime but there are some sinister and interesting elements to its story hidden away from the viewer, like the appearance of ghosts and elements in the artwork and culture that only appear to (some would say obsessive) analysis. There’s an entire wikia about the guessing game and speculation behind this anime. Even if none of the speculation turns out to be true, it is still great fun and great inspiration, and for that alone, I’m a huge fan of this anime.

The anime and the speculation behind it was the inspiration for this game.

The anime platoon is composed of 5 teenage-to-young-adult girls:

  • Kanata – a young, energetic trumpeteer-in-training who is somewhat let down by her own lack of abilities and clumsiness compared to her superiors.
  • Rio – Kanata’s mentor figure, an older and more serious girl who may have had the same reason as Kanata to become a trumpeteer – a person from her past.
  • Felicia – The commander of the platoon, a motherly figure who relaxes issues of rank in order to make the girls feel more at home.
  • Kureha – A somewhat fiery and angry girl who is rather annoyed by the fact that her platoon is rarely supplied and rarely does anything important.
  • Noel – A very quiet girl and the platoon’s engineer, working to fix the mysteriously futuristic legged tank walker in their fort.

Sora No Woto Fan Section

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