Helvecia was a small european country which retained a lot of its identity during the NEG reign by virtue of being rural and secluded. Lately, Helvecia has started seeing refugees from many different places, as it lies rather centrally in the now-concluded apocalyptic conflict of the Aeon War. The refugees culture has become very mixed, with aspects of numerous different nations, though they all still speak English, fortunately.

Due to the communications blackout, and the fact that none of them were very tuned into the war prior to its end, Platoon 1121 currently knows only as much about Helvecia as the refugees tell them, and their personal map of Helvecia is very small, only as far out as Fir’s drone scouts have gone with a few hour’s flight. Platoon 1121 will have to begin probing for the remains of civilization sometime, but for now, they are content to sit in Fort Palatine and nurse their aching bodies and minds, as well as their ailing equipment. They know not what the true fate of the world’s many factions are – only that most of them seem to be gone, and the world seems to be cut off from them. Many of them guess at what might have happened, but none know with certainty whether the NEG is really done for, and whether anyone won the war at all. Though they’re still operating by military protocol, being that they are friends, rank is relaxed – until Odessa or Anna has an idea for a mission. The two of them, despite everything, still command a good measure of authority and respect.

Fort Palatine lies on a tall hill that provides a natural overlook to the refugee camp, as well as making it a central landmark in the mostly flat grassland around. This is what has attracted people towards it, as it seems almost eerie and wondrous that a modern building stands in the midst of the world in chaos. The Fort can be accessed through metallic shutting gates on its southern end. It is surrounded by steel ramparts of a sort, as it is a conversion of an old castle. Its architecture is fluid, and would seem ugly were it not so remarkably unmarred in a time where most of the world’s modern infrastructure seems to have crumbled in the wake of the epic battles fought.

There are three wings to the fort – the closest aground to the entrance holds the old offices, cafeteria and lobby, now mostly deserted except in meal times. Above the main wing and to its left (if looked at from above or from the ramparts), with a tower projecting from it that was part of the old castle, are the air hangars and the laser defense system, as well as storage and tactical rooms. The northmost part, somewhat sunken compared to the rest, contains the ground vehicles hangar, which exit from an area set into the hill itself rather than the main fort, as well as the mecha hangar and important inventory. Directly outside and behind the fort, to its North, downhill, is a long, circular metal shutter door set into the ground, which leads into the underground labs. The three wings are referred to as Living, Tactical and Inventory, in the order they are mentioned here.

Directly southeast of the Fort at the foot of the hill is the refugee camp, a collection of tents with about fifty people living there, mostly women and children, a few teens (roughly around the Platoon’s age group), but with a few able-bodied older men among them. They have a few weapons to them, used mostly for hunting, and can fend somewhat for themselves. They have not asked aid from the Fort for some time, but the Platoon gave them enough to get started at first. Hopefully this means the initial investment has paid off and they’ve achieved some kind of sufficiency. The refugees are the Platoon’s only source of information about the surrounding countryside, and so far their rumors have proved somewhat valuable. The Refugees are trying to set up a town around the Fort for protection, maybe even start farming.

The following is the map of Helvecia.

The solid green areas are unexplored. The yellow and green hexes are grasslands. Fort Palatine is the distinctive building in the green hex, with the refugee camp directly southeast of it. The dark green hexes with multiple trees are a dense forest nearby, which hides a lake that has, according to rumors and confirmed (at least visually) by one of Fir’s drones, some kind of facility there. Further South, drone scouting confirms a wreck of a small NEG military outpost that might help uncover some clues about the fate of the world. As well, the exploration of the laboratories is feasible, and holds great promise in yielding materials and clues. But it is also greatly dangerous.


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