Cthulhutech has a rather nice system with a rather awful lot of complications that are unnecessary in my opinion. Therefore we will work to eliminate as many of these as possible.

  • Rolling: This is more of an etiquette thing, but please roll both attack and damage at the same time, or in the same action, etc. You understand.
  • Dodge: Dodge is rolled not to entirely Dodge attacks, but to reduce damage done to you. This prevents what I call “dance battles” – where characters who all have high dodge struggle to hit each other. You reduce damage by the amount you succeed over an enemy’s attack. If you have armor, you reduce a maximum of 5 from an enemy attack. If you are in a vehicle, you reduce a maximum equal to your Agility (after modification by the vehicle). If you succeed particularly well, I may rule you dodge all the damage regardless.
  • Reflex: Initiative is rolled only once per battle, not every round.
  • Actions: All characters have a defined turn in the initiative order and take ALL their actions in it. We will not use the action cycle, which resolves each character’s first action, then each character’s second action, and so on. Also, the penalty for multiple actions is reduced to 1 per action taken. So 2 actions is -2, 3 actions is -3, and so on. 1 action is done at no penalty as usual.
  • Armor: To reduce one roll from the rather busy combat system (which typically goes attack -> enemy dodge -> damage -> enemy armor) Armor becomes static. Each dice of armor (1/1 armor for example is d10/d10) gives you 5 static armor, you do not roll for it. It reduces damage.
  • Fear/Insanity: There will not be crippling fear and insanity in the game…much. Rather than developing disorders, I’ll just have you roleplay your fear, trepidation and madness by yourselves, as you wish to. Just take it seriously, please?
  • Damage Levels: Rather than having penalties at certain damage levels, we will only track penalties when characters are near death. So the ONLY penalties are:

––Vitality: Serious Wounds -3 Test Penalty, Half Move Max. 2 Actions, Armor Half.

––Integrity: Serious Damage -3 Test Penalty, Half Move, Max. 2 Actions Armor Half, DCS/Regen Half Rate

––Death’s door and Critical Damage both basically mean “you’re knocked out/it stops working.”

  • Failure Codes: Mecha and vehicle failure codes are ignored, EXCEPT for the Charge Beam. The Charge Beam is very powerful and the failure code is a balance factor. The Charge Beam goes off-line at Serious Damage. All other systems will only go off-line when the mech blows.
  • Size Categories: Instead of Integrity damage being multiplied by 50 against vitality scale objects, it’ll be multiplied by 5. So 1 Integrity damage is 5 Vitality damage. 10 Integrity damage is 50 Vitality damage. This does not extend to vitality damaging integrity – vitality scale guys still need hybrid damage to harm Integrity objects, but they at least won’t be completely obliterated if an integrity thing touches them.
  • Fast And Loose: A lot of special combat rules will just be played with fast and loose. Read them, but don’t break a sweat over them. I know a lot of them are fiddly. For example, Grenades, Autofire and Speeding Targets rules. I’ll be flexible with all of this.
  • Weapons Stats: Weapons and vehicles will do a little bit more damage than normal. I’m debating whether to add a half die (5 static) or so more damage.
  • No Critical Failures: As it says, there are no Critical Failures. Right now they’re rather unfair to people with Novice level skills, and unnecessary.
  • Vehicle Movement: Just ignore the special rules associated with it. Vehicles and Vitality scale things will move using the same rules. We will only care about acceleration codes and so on during chase sequences, which probably won’t come up often.


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