Character Generation

All characters generated will be 37 attribute (starting max 8), 22 point (starting max Adept) characters with 6 cheats (as normal) and normal Drama Points. Characters will be human only, and in keeping with with Sora No Woto, all will be females between 14-19 years of age. The following is the attributes scale; 4 or lower is crippled, 5-6 is normal, 7-8 is exceptional.

You do not have to follow character templates. No Engel Pilots, Tagers, Sorcerers or Para-Psychics are allowed though, so don’t take any of their advantages or disadvantages. Don’t select equipment. When your characters are done, I’ll give you certain equipment. I want half the characters to begin in the base, and half of them will, in the first session, arrive at the base. They will have different armaments – the arrivals will probably have a vehicle that will break down as they get there, but can be repaired later. The base will have its own armaments pool from which anyone can take. We won’t be sticklers for ammo on a macro basis, but on each mission, you will only have so much of it. This keeps things interesting.

Of note is that Cthulhutech is not completely balanced, but I believe that each character can contribute nonetheless. Not everyone will have the rocket launcher all the time, for example, but hopefully you’ll each get a go at it, and the people with rifles have their own advantages (looser use of ammo for example). There are some character archetypes I hope to have just for the continued success of the party:

  • A Medic
  • An Engineer (starts at base)
  • A High-Ranking officer (starts at base)
  • Someone with a lot of weapons and combat skills

A character type you don’t have to make is a Communications officer. The Mission Control girl will be an NPC, since I don’t expect anyone to stay behind during missions as that would probably bore you dead. You can take whatever skills you want, though hopefully with a mind to those roles. This game won’t be all action. There’ll be a lot of lulls in the excitement and roleplaying “downtime” will be a major chunk. I hope everyone is okay with this.

Everyone gets a free skill though! You all get Master-Level Pilot, allowing you to use ANY vehicle, in addition to the free skills you already get. This is because there will be a wide variety of vehicles, and not everyone will get to stick to the one they want all they time (you should take turns and share) so everyone needs to be able to pilot all of them.

Nobody needs to write a backstory. Just write a physical description somewhere. You can come up with character details as you feel appropriate and as we go along. If you think a dramatic backstory touch is warranted, go for it!

Character Generation

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