The following are the events of the year 2087, 1 year in the future of the Cthulhutech timeline, in which the game takes place. The metaplot changes in some rather large ways of course. There are two types of backstory to provide – important global events, and important local events to Fort Palatine and Platoon 1121. Note that they will contain spoilers.

If you need any explanation for how these things occur, we can just say the Yithians did it. After all, why couldn’t they?

Global Events

January 2087: The NEG prepares for the inevitable final showdown with the Migou. They accelerate the creation of numerous Ashcroft class space faring cruisers and ramp up production of nuclear weapons in preparation for the assault on not one, but two Migou hive ships. Many Engel are made space-faring in preparation for this assault.

February 2087: The Eldritch Society beats the Chrysalis Corporation to a site of ancient power, wherein they discover the texts for a mysterious rite that might have been the cause for driving off the elder races from Earth hundreds of thousands of years before. Through the focus of many sorcerers using scrying and transmogrification magic, and the sacrifice of many arcane creatures to power the ritual, they can generate directed dimensional storms that would rip apart all life on any location on Earth they pleased. The Society, hounded by the new unique Dhohanoids of the Corporation and making few strides in their objectives, decide not only to take out their hated enemies, but to throw the NEG a bone as well.

March 2087: The Migou discover a way to control the monsters of the Rapine Storm and Esoteric Order on a wide battlefield scale using subconscious waves generated by Migou Parapsychics through a specialized arcane support vehicle. Though they cannot control them entirely, they can get the monsters to turn on each other, which is enough. The Migou rapidly begin exterminating the Storm in Asia.

April 2087: NEG society continues to degrade as the Disciples of Death’s Shadow do their work. Martial law is put into effect in many locations, and various understaffed, token efforts of military control create many small countryside outposts to insure that rebellious movements have nowhere to arise. Fort Palatine is established in the former republic of Helvecia, crewed by Platoon 1121.

May 2087: The Ashcroft Class Cruisers are completed in secret, and the second Hive Ship is due to arrive. The Migou concentrate their efforts on the cults, believing that the NEG will soon fall under their heel, but that their superiority will not matter unless they can be rid of the supernatural monsters first, of which many more continue to appear. The Migou assault the plateau of Leng where Hastur’s avatar is located.

June 2087: The final battle between the NEG and the Migou takes place in the sky. Using newly developed space-faring Engel and Ashcroft Class cruisers as well as nuclear ordinance, the hope that the Hive Ships have a vulnerability proves true. A direct nuclear strike from above the Hive Ship, with a proxy strike from below to draw its attention, destroys the first of the two, and the bloody battle ensues against the second, newly-arriving ship. The Migou, realizing that their race’s time in the Solar System could possibly be at an end, decide to take revenge on the primates who have caused them so much grief, and direct their own weapons to the Earth. Mecha, ordinance and metal rain from the sky as the two forces annihilate one another. From the earth, the explosions are almost beautiful. Contact is lost between all of the NEG during the chaos, signaling the functional end of the One World Government.

July 2087: The Eldritch Society meets in a secret place to undertake the Rite of Glorious Transcendence, sacrificing many Tagers and Sorcerers. The Chrysalis Corporation finally discovers them but the attack, while devastating, comes too late. The Corporation’s Headquarters are vaporized, as another Zone opens directly over them, and a third Zone, both somewhat like the one in Nevada, opens in the Plateau of Leng. The Migou still entrenched there, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, are destroyed along with the beasts and sorcerers, and all of the leadership, of the Disciples of the Unnamable. Whatever remains of the society believes that their sacrificed brothers have joined the Ta’Ge beings in the realm of cosmic energy that lies beyond our world, and they carry on in the devastated world to revere the sacrifice of their brothers, that destroyed not one, but two evil gods. All Zones heavily slow their activity, and no new monsters seem to escape them.

August 2087: The remainder of the NEG military in the United States of America join forces for one final battle against the last remaining threat – the Esoteric Order of Dagon. Though they lack communications with the rest of the world, they still possess the arcane, and their remaining Sorcerers assess the location of the Order, which was hampered and confused by the Migou’s mind control and forced to regroup near Hawaii. The Order unleashes the fury of the seas, with oceanic sorcery, mecha and monsters. The NEG air superiority proves too much for them, and they are destroyed, but at a terrible price. The Esoteric Order uses their own forms of weather magic and manages to destroy the NEG’s navy in a massive superhurricane that still rages on, and will likely rage on in a static location over Hawaii for many years to come. This form of magic, performed by Father Dagon himself, is his last “gift” to the blasted world and the NEG is now, truly, no more.

September 2087: A new world.

Local Events

April 2087: Fort Palatine is established. A draft is instated to keep up with the rising demand for soldiers in the rural areas. The NEG allows practically anyone to join, with some small benefits. They care not for the quality of those soldiers – only that there be a token military presence in these areas to curtail thoughts of rebellion.

May 2087: The small european country of Helvecia falls under martial law as numerous seditious movements crop up in the wake of the Death Shadow’s destabilization of society, secretly supplied by the Chrysalis Corporation. Fort Palatine is given armored vehicles and a small air force to utilize in putting down the region.

June 2087: The rebellious movements have been defeated, but much of the Fort’s resources are depleted in the process. The Brigadier-General in charge of the Fort is killed in mysterious circumstances. Access to the laboratories beneath the fort become heavily restricted. Communication with the NEG is lost.

July 2087: The last high-ranking officer commits suicide at the end of the month after a final transmission from what everyone assumes must have been the NEG. No one heard the transmission, but the Major’s PCPU indicates that there was one, of some kind. The Major’s office becomes taboo to enter. In the wake of his suicide, many other soldiers desert, stealing some vehicles and aircraft. The last remaining personnel on base are Anna, Odessa, Illia, Fir, Macha and Anya. Anna and Odessa have Authority and remain, unwilling to take their chances in the grasslands when they have enough food, water and supplies to last.

August 2087: Refugees begin to set up a small camp at the foot of the fort. Platoon 1121 votes to give them aid in the hopes of re-establishing the region someday, now firmly believing the NEG to be destroyed. They have not had contact with any other bastion of civilization for a long time now.

Another decision is made to create a 5-soldier team composed of Anna, Macha, Anya, Illia and Odessa to break into the underground levels of the fort for whatever supplies may be found. The excursion makes it as far as the second basement level (numbered in descending order of depth, from 1 being directly below ground level, to 2 below that, and so on) before coming into contact with alien beasts. Illia is brutally killed by a Ghast, which also cripples Anna before being killed by Macha and Odessa. They return topside with heavy hearts, but also the knowledge that the world they inhabit is still being shared by monsters, and that they will have to confront them again, some day.

September 3rd, 2087: Fiona enters the territory of the former Helvecia around Fort Palatine, with a small number of damaged Migou mecha on the tail of her damaged Broadsword mecha. Her fear has erased her memories of much of what transpired to put her into this position. As she speeds toward the fort in the hopes she will be saved from certain death, a new adventure is about to begin for all of them, one that may decide whether humanity lives or dies.


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