Anya Criid

Engineer for her squad


Base Primary Attributes

Ag Per Int Pre Str Ten
6 6 8 6 5 6


  • Ag +1 (3 pts)
  • Skill points +4 (2 pts)
  • Vitality +1 (1 pt)

Racial Bonuses

  • +2 skill points
  • Per +1

Current Primary Attributes

Ag Per Int Pre Str Ten
7 7 8 6 5 6

Secondary Attributes

Actions Movement Orgone Reflex Vitality Drama Points
2 11 mph (27/6 ypt) 12 7 11 10


  • Authority (1)


  • Duty (2)
  • Code (1) (Avenge an insult to my squad; avenge an insult to myself)


  • Master Pilot
  • Expert Language (English)
  • Adept Literacy
  • Student Seduction
  • Adept Education
  • Adept Physical Science
  • Adept Technician
  • Adept Arcanotechnician
  • Focused Adept Munitions [Mecha Projectile Weapons]
  • Adept Engineering
  • Adept Armorer
  • Adept Demolitions
  • Focused Adept Support Weapons [Mech]

Physical Features

Anya’s tall and lanky, with lean features. Her straight brown hair is cropped short and usually pulled back to keep it out of her eyes. Casually, she dresses in a loose-fitting jumpsuit with tons of pockets and beltloops for convenient storage, and she has a tendency to try to hoard little gadgets and baubles in case they prove useful or fascinating. When she’s on call or otherwise needs to dress up, she wears the standard NEG uniform, although if she can get away with it she adds a couple toolbelts to it. She has large green eyes and wears glasses, although she’ll often eschew her glasses in favor a custom set of goggles with corrective lenses.

Mannerisms and Behavior

Anya has a tendency to pace and move around a lot if she can’t find something physical to occupy herself with. Even something as menial as performing maintenance on her weapon can calm her down. Anya tends to be energetic and happy, and always leaps to the defense of her platoonmates. She spends her free time tinkering with the vehicles left in Fort Palatine, re-reading her collection of old mangas, and trying to scrounge up materiel to build a functional long-range communications station. However, she’s pretty nervous about straying too far from Fort Palatine, or even plumbing the depths of the now-largely-abandoned fortress. With just her, Sgt. Odessa, and Fir in the fort, Anya is justifiably reluctant to investigate abandoned basements and wastelands.

Anya Criid

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