Elizabeth Halope

A very skilled medical doctor of middling age who has seen far too much in her life.


Artwork by japanese artist “Piku.”


Agi 5 Int 9 Per 7 Pre 6 Str 5 Ten 6


Acts 1 Move 9 mph (22/5) Orgo 11 Refl 7 Vita 10


  • Languages: Expert (English)
  • Literacy: Novice
  • Regional Knowledge: Novice
  • Pilot: Master
  • Persuade (3d10+6)
  • Medicine (5d10+9)
  • -Arcanotherapy Focused Specialization (+1d10)
  • Life Sciences (3d10+9)
  • Computer (3d10+5)
  • Education (5d10+9)
  • History (3d10+9)
  • Misdirect (3d10+6)
  • Research (3d10+9)
  • Occult (2d10+9)
  • Marksman (3d10+7)
  • –Sidearm Focused Specialization (+1d10)
  • Dodge (3d10+5)


  • Alluring (1)
  • Commendation (2)
  • Eidetic Memory (3)


  • Duty (1)
  • Compulsive Behavior (1)
  • Coward (2)
  • Damaged (2)
  • Depressive (2)
  • Major Phobia (2)


  • Elizabeth is very broken, and has 4 insanity points due to horrors she won’t go into. She has a wide array of phobias, and neuro-somatic problems that make her tremble constantly, and make her very restless, so she’s prone to disrobe because of the feel of cloth on her skin repulses her, or she may soak in hot water thinking she’s cold, or bind herself to try to stop the shaking, or other irrational behaviors. She tends to mumble and repeat herself a lot.

A tall, brown-haired woman with bags under her eyes, marring her otherwise good looks, tall and lithe, but as of late she’s lost all grace, and is often trembling, teeth chattering, eyes darting around the room. Having seen the true face of the world and come out broken, the one thing preventing Elizabeth from killing herself is that she is too afraid.

Elizabeth Halope

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