Camp Faustulus

A refugee camp in the shadow of Fort Palatine, seeking the familiar protection of the military as they rebuild their lives.


The character level is equal to the current number of Refugees in the camp.

The demographics currently are:

  • Ages 12 or under: 20 (about 50/50 split in genders)
  • Ages 13-18: 7 (3 boys, 4 girls)
  • Ages 21-35: 10 (6 women, 4 men)
  • Ages 35+: 10 (10 women)

All of the adults possess Novice Marksman with a Focused Specialization for Long Guns (such as rifles), Adept Fighting and Novice Armed Fighting with a Focused Specialization for Knives, and Novice Dodge as their only combat skills. The average adult (21-35) has Reflex of +6, Vitality 8 and Strength, Perception and Agility 6, and movement of 9 mph. They have old rifles that they use to hunt: these are treated as +1 damage, 25/50/100 range weapons with a shots capacity of 3 or 2/1-5/10 automatics profile and an 30 round capacity of caseless ammunition. In short, much worse than what Fort Palatine is stocked with. They also have an old ATV they use, and some flares and basic supplies.

To support themselves, they forage in the grasslands and hunt wild animals. They also go to the river to fish, when they dare to. Having heard of the Esoteric Order of Dagon, they are afraid to do that unless they see one of Fir’s drones flying in that direction. They go there to stock up on water once a week. At first they asked for rations, water and medicine from the Fort, but since then have kept to themselves mostly, aside from a few talks over short-range radio. They have expressed a desire to farm and to rebuild their lives around Fort Palatine by founding a town there.

The only prerequisites they need for this and seed and the will and morale to do it. Perhaps some arcanotechnology or magic can help them to grow things faster, but so far, you have searched for no such things.


The refugees at Camp Faustulus have very different backgrounds, ethnically, and historically. Many of the children there have long since lost their real parents. Many of the adults there have long since lost their real children. They are a simple people, striving to survive, sharing stories of each other’s homes and cultures before the war. The ones that Platoon 1121 has interacted with most closely are:

  • Rumina: A young lady in a black garb, with short brown hair. She’s about 21 years old now, and serves as a spokesperson for the young people of the camp. Though Christianity might have fallen throughout most of the NEG, in the rural areas it remained well alive, and Rumina was raised in a christian orphanage. She is polite, but secretly, somewhat distrustful of Platoon 1121. After all, the NEG always preached, at best, agnosticism in the face of eldritch horror. However, she knows that Platoon 1121 are not the NEG, and that they are the last vestige of law and order remaining in the world as she knows it.

Rumina is the only refugee with the ability to use Sorcery, and knows two First Order spells. However, she is very loath to use them, and has relatively low Orgone. She still believes Magic is an inherently devilish thing, even if it can create convenient healing salves. She also rarely has the materials or the space, time and quiet to perform such rituals. She has so far managed to stave off most of the pains of Sorcery, but has 1 Insanity point.

  • Markus: An older gentleman, most of his hair gone save his facial hair, with small but sharp brown eyes and a strikingly grim countenance, the 50-year-old man claims to be ex-military, a survivor of an Arcology in Germany which fell to the Migou near the end of the war. He is the best shot of all the refugees and has the most stories to tell, but most of them are rather too frightening for the refugees to want to hear often.

Markus is the only refugee who has accumulated 3 Insanity Points and has an Insanity disorder, which is Manic-Depression. It is somewhat played down, as he seems less depressed and more like bitterness is just his usual state of being, but you can tell when he swings into a furor as he tells a story, that maybe he’s a little too into the gory scenes.

  • Stefan: A 16-year-old boy with dark hair and eyes, who plays flute for the villagers. He’s also somewhat decent with a few other instruments. His older brothers each died in the Aeon War, fighting on the NEG side. He has some pride in the NEG, or at least the protection and prestige they represented to a country boy. He likes t think of himself as being tough and helping to protect the camp, but he constantly has nightmares of Migou mecha – he was once face to face with a Mosquito when his village was assimilated by the Migou.

Stefan has one Insanity point from traumatic experience. He is a Latent Parapsychic, but has not yet manifested any sort of power. He has somewhat mediocre tenacity for a Parapsychic, so he could very likely Burn if he ever manifested powers and kill himself, or someone else.

  • Sophia: A 38-year-old woman who still manages to look her prime, Sophia has long chestnut-colored hair and a rather voluptuous build. She has a small kit of fancy cosmetics that is her most priced possessions. She tends to wear a shawl over her dress, as though to pretend to be matronly. In reality, Sophia’s matured mind yearns to be young, and she tries to act silly and flirty in order to give herself a place in a world she feels is fast leaving her behind, a world for the young, by the young, in which she appears to have no place but to be old. So she behaves in as girlish a manner as she can muster. She is good friends with Platoon 1121 – it’s nice to see a villager who isn’t a dreary lifetime of problems.

Sophia is the most well-adjusted of the villagers. She has no insanity points, and she used to live a life of luxury in a country manor, until a Migou swarm ship crashed from orbit and nearly killed her (and certainly killed everyone she knew). But she chooses not to focus on those things – it is the singular traumatic event of a life with no further difficulties, and she’s grateful for the 37 years of peace and prosperity she has.

Of all the villagers, she’s one of the few who’s lived inside an Arcology, and knows what life as a “true” NEG citizen under the government’s eyes was like.

Camp Faustulus

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