Illia Einwrit

Once the platoon's cheerful accountant, now deceased after a horrible expedition.


Image by Apupu.

Illia is dead, but she used to be a regular 35/20/6 character; she prioritized Intelligence and Tenacity, and had average perception, which accounted for her uninspiring performance with guns.

Before death, Illia had 2 insanity points.


Illia was never supposed to hold a gun. The sight of that cheerful soul with a firearm was inexplicably terrible, and even her superiors seemed to think so. She wanted to help, in any way she could. She was a native of Helvecia and she believed in the NEG, and she hated the sudden, terrifying sentiment taking hold of her countrymen. When she joined, she was quickly put behind a desk. Illia was rather good with numbers. She kept inventory for Platoon 1121, wrote out checks, helped crunch the numbers on budgets and populations and so on. She fairly low key, until most of the platoon deserted or died – and she remained.

It seemed, inevitably, that the day would come when she had to hold a gun. She didn’t feel stressed about this. In fact, it would be an exciting day for her. Finally she could really help. All this numbers work was meaningless. It contributed nothing. She had friends, who had died to those monsters. She had family, who had died the same way. And when the expedition to the labs returned disastrously, she was not with them. She had died to the monsters as well.

Illia was a bright, smiling girl with brownish-red hair in the blue uniform of the accounting division. She tried her best not to add another dreary face to the room, regardless of the situation. This often got her into trouble – nobody wants to see a smile when reports of horror and death come in. But Illia was scarred by it – she couldn’t stop smiling, because if she stopped, she’d never smile again. Illia thankfully died smiling. She would smile forever.

Illia Einwrit

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