Anna Rubel

A damaged but hopeful soldier serving as a mentor and awaiting the future.


Artwork by japanese artist “Ningen.”


Agi 5 Int 5 Per 7 Pre 8 Str 5 Ten 8


Acts 1 Move 9 mph (22/5) Orgo 11 Refl 6 Vita 11


  • Languages: Expert (English)
  • Literacy: Novice
  • Regional Knowledge: Novice
  • Pilot: Master
  • Appraisal (1d10+5)
  • Athletics (3d10+5)
  • Bureaucracy (2d10+5)
  • Intimidate (2d10+8)
  • Persuade (3d10+8)
  • Law Enforcement (3d10+5)
  • Communications (2d10+5)
  • Medicine (1d10+5)
  • – First-Aid Focused Specialization (+1d10)
  • Computer (2d10+5)
  • Armorer (2d10+8)
  • Education (2d10+5)
  • History (2d10+5)
  • Observation (2d10+7)
  • Occult (2d10+5)
  • Security (2d10+5)
  • Surveillance (2d10+7)
  • Marksman (3d10+7)
  • –Large Weapons Focused Specialization (+1d10)
  • Dodge (3d10+5)


  • Alluring (1)
  • Authority (2)
  • Shrewd (2)
  • Sexy Voice (1)
  • Minor Empathy (2)
  • Driven (2)


  • Duty (3)
  • Fanatical: Peace for the innocents around Fort Palatine (2)
  • Tired (2)
  • Slow Healing (3)


  • Anna has 1 insanity point gained from her traumatic injuries and the death of Illia.

Most of the ranking officers were quick to go – either to go away, or to die. Three months ago there were over 50. Two months ago, 10 of them left on the last of the mecha and the only one to return was half-mad. One month ago, the major, the last of the former chain of command, had promptly blown his brains out in his office when he heard the final communication from home base – one which no one else ever knew the contents of.

This left Odessa and Anna as the two in charge of the base. Anna was never one to lead people – she would rather nurture and coddle them – but she accepted her responsibility. She supported Odessa, or so she thought of herself. The two traded duties, but Anna always felt like she was, despite the older, the lesser of the two, serving only to unburden Odessa when needed. Now with supplies dwindling, damaged vehicles, and the recent excursion into the labs that greatly injured her and cost the lives of one of their precious few friends – a girl named Illia who never stood a chance carrying around a gun, as she had mostly been behind a desk – Anna has a lot to regret. Her right arm is broken and her left leg barely supports her weight in a brisk walking pace. She had a concussion as well.

But Anna is hopeful, has always been hopeful. She hopes someone will come to them with aid. She hopes the NEG hasn’t been completely destroyed. She hopes we’ve won the war. She hopes she will heal fast so that she can join the 4-soldier exploration squad and try to unearth more supplies for not only herself, but the people who’ve set up around Fort Palatine, hoping, as she does, for relief. She hopes unlike Illia, she might die from old age, rather than a monster’s claws. She hopes that if she dies, Odessa can handle being the leader all by herself. She also hopes Odessa doesn’t see her when she dies – because she knows seeing Illia die has unhinged her mind just a little bit, and she can’t cope with anyone else in her platoon suffering that way.

Meanwhile she watches what is left of her platoon battle day by day. She has high hopes for all of them, from the “gunner” Macha, to the resourceful engineer Anya, and Odessa, whom she has the highest hopes for. They are the light in the blasted skies. She has a good friendship with Fir…and the two try to make sure, as the old NEG did on a global scale, that, on their local scale, the drones bring back good news, and hide away bad news, until it can’t be hidden anymore. She is driven to make Fort Palatine a beacon of hope for all people around, like the NEG was the hope during the Aeon War.

Anna is about five feet and eight inches tall, and at 24, the oldest in the group. She has long, straight blonde hair and usually wears her uniform loosely, with the buttons undone or nothing but the jacket and a sports bra. Her arm is currently crudely bandaged and slung, and she can walk on her bad leg, but only so much.

Anna Rubel

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