Fiona Maxwell

5'4", ~110lbs, lean build, short black hair in combed order, glasses, NEG uniform, blue eyes.


Name: Fiona Maxwell

Allegiance: NEG

Profession: Soldier

Race: Human

Virtue: Courteous

Flaw: Cruel

Attributes (37)

  • Agility: 8 (Feat Skill 4d10)
  • Intellect: 6 (3d10)
  • Perception: 8 (4d10)
  • Presence: 5 (2d10)
  • Strength: 5 (2d10)
  • Tenacity: 6 (3d10)

Secondary Attributes

  • Actions: 1 Free Action and 2 Normal
  • Movement: 11mph (27/6 yet)
  • Orgone: 11
  • Reflex: 11
  • Vitality: 13 (65) (6 Wound Levels)
  • Drama Points: 10 (2 per Ep for Overcome Desperate Difficult Situations)


  • Increase Vitality by 3 (3 Points)
  • Increase Skill points by 6 (3 points)

Skills (22+6=28+2=30+4=34)

  • free: Languages/Int – Expert (English) (4d10+6)
  • free: Literacy/Int – Novice (2d10+6)
  • free: Regional Knowledge/Int – Novice (2d10+6)
  • free: Pilot/Agi – Master (5d10+8)
  • Armorer/Int – Adept (3d10+6) -3
  • Athletics/Agi,Str,or Ten – Adept (3d10+ ~ ) -3
  • Bureacracy/Int – Novice (2d10+6) -2
  • Criminal/Agi – Adept (3d10+8) -3
  • Demolitions/Int – Adept (3d10+6) -3
  • Intimidate/Pre – Student (1d10+5) -1
  • Munitions/Int – Novice (2d10+5) -2
  • Observation/Per – Adept (3d10+8) -3
  • Survival/Ten – Novice (2d10+6) -2
  • Armed Fighting/Agi – Adept (3d10+8) -3
  • Marksman/Per – Adept (3d10+8) -3
  • Dodge/Agi – Adept (3d10+8) -3
  • Support Weapons/Per – Adept (3d10+8) -3


  • Code (-1) ⁃ • I will always avenge a personal insult. ⁃ • I will always avenge an insult to my unit/government/organization.
  • Mean (-2) ⁃ Your Character derives great pleasure from the pain and suffering of others, physically or psychologically. Or perhaps he is just compelled to share his own pain with others. This pleasure is usually of a more personal nature and your Character will try to keep others from knowing about his Mean streak – but at times it can be difficult to hide. Whenever your Character is in a position to inflict unnecessary pain upon a potential victim he must make a Challenging Tenacity Feat Test to resist the urge. The reaction of others when discovering this Drawback can vary widely, but most people think that mean people suck. This Drawback must be adequately portrayed; otherwise your Storyguide may impose a Test Penalty on all your Character’s actions as his hidden hostility builds up inside.
  • Driven (+2) ⁃ Each episode, your Character receives two free Drama Points that can be spent only to over- come desperately difficult situations or situations requiring severe concentration. These free Drama Points are not added to your Character’s regular Drama Points, but must be kept track of separately. Unused free Drama Points from the Driven Asset are lost at the end of the episode. Storyguides should require that this Asset be adequately portrayed in order for Characters to receive the free Drama Points.
  • Peripheral Vision (+1) ⁃ +2 Test Bonus when making an Observation Test to avoid being surprised by attacks or traps in the periphery.
  • Amnesia (-4) ⁃ Your Character suffers from a psychogenic fugue – he has lost all memories about his life and history while retaining basic life knowledge and skills. At some point, he’s completely recreated himself. He has a brand new personality and an occupation and everything else that would constitute a real life. ⁃ If you choose this Drawback, your Storyguide gets to assign eight of your initial skill points for you – and he may buy Assets or skills with these points of which your Character is unaware. He may also choose one more Drawback that your Character does not know about that does not need to conform to the normal Drawback limitations. Combined with the Dark Secret Drawback, Amnesia can be very dangerous.


Sign & Animal: Scorpio (10.23 to 11.21) – “I Desire,” Water. Imaginative, passionate and emotional, subtle, persistent, intense, but often obstinate and unyielding. They often have a sense of purpose and destiny and find truest happiness dispensing their life force to others. However, they are competitive, often with vicious tempers. Key trait: Idealism.

Physical Description: 5’4”, ~110lbs, lean build, short black hair in combed order, glasses, NEG uniform, blue eyes.

Fiona Maxwell

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