Fir Almsman

A young, quiet and lethargic but helpful communications officer.


Artwork by an anonymous artist.


Agi 4 Int 8 Per 7 Pre 4 Str 4 Ten 8


Acts 1 Move 9 mph (22/5) Orgo 24 Refl 8 Vita 10


  • Languages: Expert (English)
  • Literacy: Novice
  • Regional Knowledge: Novice
  • Pilot: Master
  • Appraisal (3d10+8)
  • Communications (3d10+8)
  • –Military Operations Comm Focused Specialization (+1d10)
  • Computer (3d10+8)
  • Culture (2d10+8)
  • Education (2d10+8)
  • History (2d10+8)
  • Observation (2d10+7)
  • Occult (3d10+8)
  • Security (2d10+8)
  • Surveillance (2d10+7)
  • Marksman (3d10+7)
  • –Drone Weaponry Focused Specialization (+1d10)


  • Alluring (2)


  • Duty (3)
  • Dark Secret (3)
  • Outsider Tainted (4)


  • First Order Scrying Spell: Phantom Vision
  • First Order Enchantment Spell: Constitute Corporal Restorative
  • Second Order Protection Spell: Ward Against The Unseen
  • Second Order Transmogrification Spell: Path of the Silver Cord


  • Fir has 1 insanity point from traumatic experiences and magic use.

Fir has always been around. Ever since she was 15 (she’s 19 now) she’s been in Fort Palatine. There was always a certain quality to her – though she was pretty, she always seemed to be a fixture, like part of the decor, never standing out. Nowadays she stands out a lot though, being one of the few remaining military personnel in the base, and furthermore, the only sorcerer. And even furthermore, the only one who’s viscera hold a physiological secret.

Physically, Fir is a pale-haired girl with an unassuming physique, rarely out of uniform, with eerie-colored eyes, but generally evokes an aura of not-much-ado.

Fir Almsman

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